Joanna Hogg, Chantal Akerman and Adam Roberts at the Institute of Contemporay Art on 22.5.2014.

A Nos Amours

A Nos Amours was founded in 2011 by Joanna Hogg and Adam Roberts. Their first screening event was a pop-up in an empty shop space of Maurice Pialat's film A Nos Amours (1983), which provided a name for the curation to come.

Further events and screenings have followed, typically presented by enthusiasts, experts and academics - among them Jacques Rancière, Laura Mulvey, Carol Morely, Will Self, Geoff Dyer, Deboarh Levy, Olaf Möller, Julie Myerson, George Szirtes, Marina Warner, Augustus Casely-Heyford, Terry Gilliam, and Richard Ayoade. Also presenting have been volunteers with no prior experience of public speaking. 

A most significant project was the Chantal Akerman complete retrospective at London's ICA. With Akerman's participation and assitance this still stands as the only complete retrospective of Akerman's work given anywhere. Break-out screenings across the UK were also presented, together with a re-release of Je, Tu, Il, Elle on 20 screens. Akerman's final film, No Home Movie, was released by A Nos Amours jointly with  Contemporary Films. Following this A Nos Amours curated an exhibition of much of Akerman's instalation art work at Ambika P3. A publication followed, the Chantal Akerman Retrospective Handbook, a source book and collection of supporting materials, writing and film data, with a preface by Laura Mulvey.

A Nos Amours has explored the interesting intersection of cinema auditorium, art gallery and academy. Conferences, art exhibitions, film screenings in multiplexes, and public talks are intended to develop conversations between communities who rarely interact, across all varieties of practice and culture.

The A Nos Amours web site itemises the history of the events, from 12th December 2011 to the present day.